How to Prepare your Puppy for Spaying in Buffalo Grove, IL

Do you have a puppy who is almost ready to be spayed in Buffalo Grove? If so, you may be wondering what you should do to help her get ready for the procedure. Although your vet will likely give you some information ahead of time too, there are some other tips you should follow to get ready for your puppy’s surgery.

In the article below, you’ll be able to find several tips and suggestions to make the spaying procedure easy on you and your puppy in Buffalo Grove. Take your time looking through this information and be sure to ask our vet in Buffalo Grove if you have any other questions or concerns.

Go to Your Vet in Buffalo Grove Ahead of Time

Before you can take your puppy to be spayed, you’ll need to have her checked out thoroughly by your vet first. The vet will likely do a physical exam as well as some routine blood work to ensure your puppy is healthy, well, and ready for her spay. Once the vet gives your puppy the all clear, this means it’s time to schedule her appointment. The vet will help you handle this as well. Call us at (847)-394-1128 or request an appointment to schedule a check up in Buffalo Grove today. 

Fast for a Few Hours

It’s likely that your puppy will need to fast for a few hours before her spaying procedure, just like a human would need to do before a surgery. You will probably need to keep your puppy from eating any food or treats after midnight the night before the surgery. It’s also best if you keep her from drinking much water, but of course it is okay to allow her enough water to prevent dehydration.

Your vet in Buffalo Grove will give you more specific information about what to do regarding fasting your puppy. There may be some other factors to consider, so listen to your vet’s advice here.

Get Used to a Crate

After your puppy’s spaying surgery is finished, you may need to keep her in a crate for a few days while you can’t observe her. This will ensure she doesn’t do anything that could tear out her stitches or cause any problems for her as she heals.

If your puppy isn’t already crate trained, you’ll need to get her used to the idea of being in a crate before the procedure. This way, she won’t have to deal with the stress of surgery as well as the stress of a new crate all at the same time. 

Give Lots of Cuddles

The day of the procedure, make sure to spend some extra time cuddling and loving on your dog. The spay procedure is very routine and safe, but it is still an emotional time for owners and puppies alike. Therefore, it can be helpful for both of you to spend more time bonding before the surgery takes place.

Your puppy may not have been separated from you since her adoption prior to her spay surgery, so this is another reason why it can be important to spend extra time with her and let her know that everything is going to be okay.

Follow Your Buffalo Grove Vet’s Guidelines

Before and after the surgery, your vet in Buffalo Grove will give you a checklist of guidelines you should follow closely to ensure you do everything properly for your puppy’s spay surgery. By following these guidelines, you’ll set your puppy up for a successful surgery and also ensure that she recovers well in no time at home.

Your vet will also be more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have about the process. If you’ve never been through a spay procedure with a pet before, it can be useful to ask the vet to explain it to you beforehand. Please give us a call at (847)-394-1128 if you have any further questions. 

Prepare Your Puppy’s Recovery Space

Either before the surgery takes place or while your puppy is in surgery, prepare her recovery space in your home. Set up a crate where you can keep her when you’re not able to watch her, but also put together a comfortable space for her with her favorite dog bed, blanket, or pillow to lay on.

Consider fencing off this space with a baby gate so your puppy will realize that no one is going to bother her while she recovers. For a day or two, she may need to stay in this confined space as much as possible to prevent tearing her stitches.

Contact Our Vet In Buffalo Grove to Learn More

The spaying procedure at Buffalo Grove Animal Hospital is a fairly routine one, and the vast majority of puppies will be completely fine through the surgery and afterward. However, you can make sure you prepare your puppy for the best possible results by following the tips listed in the article above. Don’t forget to talk to your vet if you have any concerns about your puppy’s spaying as well. Your vet will walk you through the procedure and help you figure out what to do if your puppy has any health concerns that could affect her spay too. Call us today or request an appointment to learn more or to schedule your puppy’s next appointment in Buffalo Grove. 

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