Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning in Buffalo Grove, IL

At Buffalo Grove Animal Hospital, we take dental care seriously. Our veterinarians have a special interest in animal dentistry and have invested time and resources into developing this area of the practice. When you come to us for pet dental care, you contribute to your companion’s lasting health and well-being. Consistent care can completely prevent dental disease, which is the number one disease affecting both cats and dogs.

Start your pet’s journey to a healthier mouth today in Buffalo Grove!

cat and dog teeth cleaning buffalo grove

Dangers of Dental Disease

Dental disease causes not only bad breath but painful gums and damaged teeth, too. If left untreated, it could eventually lead to heart, liver, or kidney disease if bacteria from the mouth leak into the bloodstream. Dental disease diminishes your pet’s quality of life from the pain it induces, and it chips away at their lifespan. If you would like to learn more about dog dental disease please feel free to read our blog post here.

A cat yawns with a wide open mouth.

Our Dog and Cat Teeth Cleaning Services

Our vets use the latest in veterinary dental technology to clean your pet’s teeth and assess the health of their entire mouth. Since this procedure is an anesthetic event, some of the services we provide are the same as with surgery. Your pet’s teeth cleaning procedure will include the following services:

  • Pre-anesthetic blood work and exam
  • Full monitoring of your pet’s vitals throughout the procedure
  • Complete examination of your pet’s teeth and gums
  • Ultrasonic scaling of each tooth to remove tartar
  • Polishing of each tooth to slow the progress of future tartar buildup
  • Extractions of damaged teeth with appropriate pain medication to reduce discomfort

If for whatever reason your pet needs specialty dental care, we will refer you to our trusted board-certified dentist. They will handle any endodontics or complex oral procedures with the same amount of care that we provide.

Pet Dental Care at Home

Cleaning your pet’s teeth at home is one of the best ways to slow the progression of dental disease and lengthen the time between their dental cleanings. However, sometimes brushing is simply not possible. Our team recommends pet dental products approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council because they are proven to work. You can view approved products at

If you have any questions about your pet’s oral health regime, please contact us today at 847-394-1128.