Dog Dental Disease: Stages and What to Look for in Buffalo Grove, IL

Did you know that dogs in Buffalo Grove can have dental disease just like humans can? If a dog’s teeth are left untreated and unmaintained for too long, they can become rotten, damaged, and diseased. This is why it is Dog Dental necessary to keep up with regular dental cleanings for your dog to ensure his ongoing health and safety.

In this article, you’ll find out about the stages of dental disease in dogs. You’ll also learn which symptoms and signs to look out for with each stage so you can more easily recognize problems before they get out of hand. Read on to find out more.

Here are the stages of Dog Dental Diseases in Buffalo Grove


Stage 1


  • At this stage, your dog will likely not be in much pain yet, but may have a little bit of irritation when eating certain types of food.
  • This stage includes redness around the gum line, but the redness is not very pronounced yet. It also includes some swelling of the gums, especially in more significant problem areas. These conditions can be collectively referred to as gingivitis, and they are caused by too much tartar buildup on the teeth and around the gum line.
  • At this point, bacteria may be building up on your dog’s teeth and near his gums.
  • This stage is early, and if you catch dental problems with your dog at this point, it’s easy to rectify them with a dental cleaning and better maintenance in the future.
  • If you catch this stage very early, you may need even need a professional dental cleaning for your dog. There is a chance you could take care of the problem by simply starting a dental hygiene routine for your pet at home.
Dog Dental Disease


Stage 2


  • At this stage, your dog may have started to lose a little bit of bone from the teeth. This is called early periodontitis. It may start to be a little bit more painful for your dog, but it shouldn’t yet impact his ability to eat, bite, or chew.
  • Your dog may have some visible plaque on his teeth at this point, and you may also notice much redder gums than you would during the previous stage.
  • Your dog may also have very bad breath during this stage. This is because of the buildup of bacteria growing on and around his teeth and gums.
  • Your dog will need a professional dental cleaning to take care of his teeth at this stage. Call us at (847) 394-1128 to schedule a dog teeth cleaning with our vet in Buffalo Grove today. 


Stage 3 Periodontitis 


  • This stage is called periodontitis and involves the loss of up to 50% of the bone from your dog’s teeth.
  • Your dog’s gums will be very swollen and red. They will also probably bleed frequently when he chews on toys or eats dry food.
  • Your dog’s gums may start to recede away from his teeth. This causes pockets that can harbor a lot of bacteria and increase the damage done from the dental disease.
  • Your dog is likely to be in a lot of pain from his teeth by now and will probably need to have several of his teeth pulled. Any teeth that are not pulled at this stage will need to be thoroughly cleaned by a professional, and you will need to work on upkeep at home moving forward.
dog teeth cleaning Buffalo Grove IL


Stage 4


  • At this point, your dog may have lost over 50% of the bone in his teeth and may have even started to lose some of his jawbone as well.
  • This stage is extremely painful and may require pain medication to help your dog function normally. Your dog may be unable to eat dry food and may need to be on a wet food only diet if he is suffering from dental disease this extreme.
  • Your dog may suffer from severe bacterial infection not only in the gums but throughout the rest of his body by this stage. Bacteria from the teeth may enter into your dog’s bloodstream and attack his organs, leading to liver, kidney, or heart failure.
  • At this point, a professional will need to remove most if not all of your pet’s teeth. Your dog will also need to go on antibiotics to treat any infections that occur as a result of this severe dental disease.


Schedule a Dog Teeth Cleaning in Buffalo Grove Today

As you can see, there is a lot to keep in mind when you’re learning about dental disease in dogs. By taking time to learn about the signs of each stage of dental disease, you can notice issues in your dog’s dental health and take care of them before they worsen. If you would like to schedule a teeth cleaning in Buffalo Grove or have any further questions, please give our vet a call at (847) 394-1128 or Request an Appointment


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