Is ProHeart 12 Safe for My Dog in Buffalo Grove, IL

We all want to do everything possible to keep our pets safe, this includes out dogs from illnesses and diseases. Heartworm disease is a highly contagious disease that typically affect puppies that live in shelters.

Thankfully there are preventative measures you can take to ensure that your dog does not get heartworm disease. There is also a unique treatment called ProHeart 12 that prevents heartworm disease in dogs!

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What is ProHeart 12?

ProHeart 12 is an FDA approved project that works to keep your dog safe from heartworm diseases. The prevention technique is an injection that lasts 12 months. After the first initial 12 months though, your dog will need an additional booster.

How does this product work? ProHeart 12 works by releasing small doses of moxidectin into your dog’s bloodstream. This has been tested for years and is proven safe and worthwhile!

There are a few side effects that some studies have published. The side effects of ProHeart 12 include vomiting, dizziness, dehydration, and exhaustion. There are no serious effects that would deem this preventative injection unsafe.

What is Dog Heartworm disease?

Why is it necessary to protect your dog from heartworm disease? Experts have noticed a sharp increase in dogs with this disease, even though it is preventable. Heartworm disease is a condition where parasitic worms enter your dog’s bloodstream, causing your dog’s organs to shut down.

It is fatal because usually most pet owners don’t have the chance to catch this condition quickly. The parasitic worms find their way to dogs through the body of mosquitos. When a mosquito bites your dog, they leave an open wound for the worm to travel in.

These worms target the heart and move their way to important organs like the lungs, brain, and the valves of the heart. Most of the time, these heartworms are found in the pulmonary artery.

How to Use ProHeart 12?

If you think that your dog is at risk for heartworms, you should start the conversation with your dog’s vet. The vet can then give you advice and pointers on the preventative techniques. While this is the only FDA preventative medicine, there are other things you can do at home to protect your dog from mosquitos harboring eggs with parasites.

Once your dog’s vet does allow you to give your dog the ProHeart 12, it will be one injection. The injection is given at a vets office or in a nonprofit organization by animal health professionals. Interestingly enough, you can also treat hookworms through these injections.

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Who can Use ProHeart 12?

Before your vet can give your dog ProHeart 12, they need to determine that there is a risk and that your dog fits the criteria of a pet that needs ProHeart 12. Dogs need to be at least one year or older. Don’t worry though, you can still help your young puppy prevent this disease!

The reason that you cannot give a puppy ProHeart 12 is because of their constant growing. The dosage given at the time of the injection would not work on puppies because of their constant growth. The dosage is for 12 months, but if your dog grows larger, the dosage will not be enough.

Almost all dogs are able to use ProHeart 12, but there are some health conditions that may not allow the injections. For instance, some dogs with autoimmune diseases cannot use ProHeart 12 safely. It is up to the vet and the pet owner at the end of the day though.

How to Treat and Prevent Dog Heartworm Disease

Thankfully, there are many preventions and treatment plan available that do not require an injection every year! For instance, puppies that do not quality for ProHeart 12 or ProHeart 6 can still consume tablets that prevent and kill heartworms.

Another treatment method is melarsomine which is a series of injections given to adult dogs with heartworm disease. The injections kill the heartworms without harming your dog.

Once this treatment is given to your dog, they will need plenty of rest and fluids. Their bodies are going to try and repair the damage done by the heartworms, which takes energy.

Symptoms of Dog Heartworm Disease

Although your vet will need to take samples of your dog’s stool to see what kind of heartworm is affecting them, there are clear signs that indicate your dog has heartworm disease. Usually, the symptoms don’t start occurring after a week of transmission.

You should look for the following signs in your dog that may indicate they have heartworm disease:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Lethargy
  • Mood swings
  • Exhaustion
  • Sleepiness
  • Anxiety


ProHeart 12 is the only FDA approved preventative injection that can decrease your dog’s chances of contracting heartworm disease. Although you can try and prevent the condition at home, it is hard. Mosquitoes are small bugs that can easily go inside your home and bite your dog, transmitting the parasite into their bloodstream.

To prevent their chances, talk to your dog’s vet about giving them ProHeart 12. If your puppy is still too young, there are monthly tablets they can take and extra precautions your vet is likely to highlight during a visit.

Call us today at (847) 394-1128 to schedule a ProHeart 12 injection for your Buffalo Grove dog today.


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